Where are all the GOOD single people?

Good single people

They are not paying a monthly fee to an online dating site to be bombarded with a whole bunch of messages just because their filtered, ten year old picture looks good. If you’re looking for a relationship don’t go near POF! There might be a lot of fish in the sea, but that’s never the […]

Stop Being Stuck In The Past

I’m at Home Depot yesterday and I see two guys walking toward me. One has his eyes fixed one me but not in a pleasant way. You could tell they were both working and only there to pick up materials in the middle of the day. He stops me and says “I know who you […]

Did He Just Ask My Age?

did he just ask my age

At what point after meeting someone new is the appropriate time to ask their age? If you are in your twenties, you really don’t care, and you’re happy to tell the world “I’m only 25!” (I secretly envy you for that ? ) If you are in your thirties, you ask with no problems because […]

Joy is not a Response — It’s a Constant Feeling


Seven days ago, my friend celebrated his 40th birthday. As we were are all happy for him, you can see him reflect on his life very much like I did when I hit that age. Actually, every decade does this to us. As I talk to young adults hitting 20 (such as my son in […]

Loneliness in a Digital World


“New Year’s resolution time, best way to make your body healthier.” We live in a world which communication is simpler and easier. We send a family member a “Hey, how are yah?” text because we have to wait for the girl behind the counter to make our cappuccino. We don’t have the time to order […]