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Find the Love of Your Life Offline

We help you find your soulmate without a screen in the way. Wear the Offline Connections symbol to show the world your looking for the love of your life.

What is Offline Connections?

We believe in a world where people don’t have to suffer from loneliness. Offline connections facilitates romantic relationships formed without a screen in the way by providing a recognizable logo to help spark face to face interactions.

Offline Connections is a community of singles that are banding together against the ongoing wave of the online dating game, where intimacy has disappeared and meaningful relationships have shattered. By creating this community, we are encouraging singles to put themselves out there in the world to find their soulmate.

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How Do We Help?

Finding love offline can prove to be difficult. Offline Connections provides different media to brandish the Offline Connection’s symbol. This shows you have joined a community against this wave of online dating, that you are single and approachable, and ready to find your soulmate!

By wearing the symbol, you are taking the guess work out of someone who is attracted to you. The notion of “Oh, they probably have a partner” disappears as soon as they see you wearing the Offline Connections symbol.

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The Founder of Offline Connections

In 2015, I became a single mom. At first I was happy, something I hadn’t been in a very long time. Soon after I realized I didn’t want to be alone anymore.

Now what do I do?

I don’t like walking into a bar and lets face it, do you really want to be with someone that hangs out in a bar? Not me, not at my age. 

After talking to countless singles, doing research and my own conclusions. We, “Us as a society,” have forgotten how to talk to one another. We are so busy on our cell phones when we stand in line to get coffee, groceries, or riding the train/bus we don’t lift up our heads and say hello.

From here, Offline Connections was born.


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Rita told me about her idea and sent me the pin with her website copy and I thought this was another great creative way for singles to meet someone.  Although I do recommend dating sites to my clients, I think it is important to try many avenues to meet people and some may prefer to do it organically.

Dr. Paulette Sherman

author of 'Dating from the Inside Out'
& 'The Book of Sacred Baths.'

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