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If you’re sick and tired of embarrassing yourself while trying to find a date, Offline Connections might be for you. By being a part of Offline Connections, you could find your soulmate just by going to the grocery store.

Imagine this:

You’re sitting at home, watching Netflix on a Friday night. Scrolling through Instagram, you see all of your friends who are in relationships out going on dates and having fun. Instead of just sitting there like you usually do, you decide that you’re going to go to the grocery store and get a couple of things instead of just eating pasta again. You’re about to head out, but you see your Offline Connections pin, and decide to put something a little nicer on, and head out the door.

You head to the grocery store, and while you’re browsing the aisles, someone starts to walk towards you in the other direction. You find them attractive, and you give a little smile, which they return. Just then, you both stop and realize that the two of you are wearing Offline Connections symbols! You start with, “Hey!” and the two of you lose yourselves in conversation for the next 20 minutes, starting with the icebreaker of Offline Connections, and moving into a little bit about yourselves. 

You decide to just do it, and ask them on a date. They say yes, and the two of you exchange phone numbers. Excited and eager for next week, you leave the grocery store with dinner and a date for next Friday!

If you’re ready to find love without a screen in the way, there’s no better time to join Offline Connections. Take the next step and join the fight against loneliness!