Where Were You?

Everything was fine, everything was good, then out of nowhere, I lost control. Lost control completely!

Where were you? Did you know it was going to happen? Did you see it coming? Did you hear me scream your name?

As the blood pumps through my veins and my heart beats faster, I start to ask myself: Am I hurt? I don’t think so. Am I safe? No. Can I move out of the way? I have to try.

Crying in my car, a stranger opens the door and asks, “Are you okay?” Without letting me answer, he says, “Get out of the car, it’s too dangerous to stay inside.” I climb out the passenger side and the rain hits my face to cover my tears.

Could you see me shiver in the cold, wet rain when the stranger gave me his coat?

The police officer finally arrives. “Are you sure your okay? A lot of accidents happen right here when it rains, you’re lucky you hit the guardrail and not the bridge.”

My heart drops. I was 15 feet away from the bridge. “You knew the bridge was coming didn’t you?”

When a major, unexpected accident happens to you, it makes you think about things a little differently. I have felt more alone during this time, dealing with the insurance company, trying to decide on a new car, and what to do when it comes to finances. My entire family has been incredible in helping me get around and advising me on good cars.

But no one is here to hold me and tell me it’s going to be okay.

On the other hand, I’m not alone. I knew you were with me the entire time. You protected me. You saved me. I Love You Dad!

None of us are truly alone. Know that you always have friends and family there for you, whether they’re physically there or not. Through tough times, rely on them for support, and with their help, you can get through anything.

Counting my Blessings,
Rita Jane

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