Top 5 Ways To Greet A Possible Soul Mate

“Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon,” and “Good Night” have turned into “Hey,” What’s up,” and a simple “Hi.” What do you send first when you text someone? Do you text why your texting or do you always start with “Hey?”

Did you know that “Hello” wasn’t used until the telephone was invented? “Hello” became what we say to people we meet face to face, but it was only intended for the telephone. I suggest we go back to “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon,” and “Good Night.” Why? Because it’s more polite and people take notice.

Why do they take notice? Because it’s not a normal automatic response. Have you ever said “Hi, how are you?” when you meet someone, and they never answer the question?

We are all on autopilot so much that we don’t even answer the question. Even worse, the person asking doesn’t even realize you that you didn’t answer the question. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked the question and have never gotten an answer.

I love throwing them off guard at the end of our conversation and say “you never answered my question.” Every time I get “what question?” Instead of talking about the weather lets talk about how you really are. That’s what forms friendships!

  1. How do you take a risk of saying “Good Morning” to a stranger that you might be attracted to? You see someone that you would like to meet, you feel that shot of dopamine go through your body, and what do you do? First of all understand it’s dopamine the love drug, NOT adrenaline (which is the fight or flight drug). Don’t walk away from what you feel, trust your brain. Sometimes I think we are so disconnected that we don’t even know our own bodies anymore. Know it’s the love drug and take action before you change your mind. You have about 5 seconds before this happens and your mind will tell you all the reasons you shouldn’t do it. Mel Robbins studied how this works and wrote a book on it. The 5 Second Rule, awesome book! I definitely recommend it, and believe anyone that struggles with taking a risk should read it.
  2. How do you say “Good Morning” back to someone your not attracted to? So, lets say you are on the other side of the “Good Morning” and you don’t get that dopamine shot like they do. Just say “Good Morning,” keep walking,  and either look away or look busy (i.e. look at your phone).  There is no reason to not say Good Morning back, just do it! This person just took all the courage they had to say it to you, be kind. Sometimes I think people don’t talk to one another anymore is because we are usually judged so quickly and that’s painful. Stop judging and be kind.
  3. How do you say “Good Night?” “Good Night” is as easy as “Good Morning” but rarely used. We all say “Good Night” to our family when living in the same household, but why is it difficult to say it to a stranger? Is it too intimate for you? I don’t believe it should be. The true meaning is that you are wishing someone to have a good night, right? Don’t we want that for everyone? Everyone deserves a good evening and a good sleep, don’t they? Of course they do, so why not wish it for your fellow man. “Good Night” is usually the last thing you say to someone as they go, but could it be the first? It absolutely can be a beginning especially when you are attracted to a person. I’ve done it and it’s worked. I think it triggers something to be final, like “You are never going to see me again unless you engage right now!” If they feel the same as you, they will without thinking say “Good Night,” but with a quick “Wait!” If they are quick on their feet they will ask you a simply question like “Do you know how to get to the Boulevard?” Your “Good Night” just became your “Good Day!”
  4. Let’s talk about “Good Day”. In my opinion “Good Day” has become more of a derogatory greeting. I personally blame the movie industry. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is better then Mike Dundee saying “Good Day” in the 1986 movie Crocodile Dundee. If you watch the clip you see him saying it complete strangers in New York city. (The best line in the whole movie is at the end of this trailer, I love it!) That being said if you don’t have an Australian accent you take a chance of sounding like Willy Wonka when he tells Charlie he lost or Fez from that 70’s show.  Not sure if “Good Day” is a greeting you would want to use at all.
  5. “Good Afternoon!” “Good Afternoon” can sound like you’re an English person ready for tea time. If you are female “Good Afternoon” can be used in a very sexy way. Here’s how to do it: tilt your head down, look up to them with your eyes big, and say it slowly. Tilting your head down is a submissive action. Ladies, please don’t write to me about how we shouldn’t be submissive or passive to someone we are attracted to. I’m talking about a true animal instinct. We are not that different from our animal kingdom. As women we have all said “Men are animals” yes they are! Now let’s use it to our advantage. Tilting your head to show cuteness doesn’t tell them you are weak, it tells them you are interested. Widened eyes show them that you’re taking notice. Men need all the help they can get now a days, this is just another way to get their attention. And the final, slow down the “Good Afternoon” and say it in lower voice. Yes, use your sexy voice! A new study by a McMaster University researcher has found that the deeper the voice, the more attractive the man.  For you men out there that are older then 50 years old, don’t use “Good Afternoon” if you are attracting someone a lot younger then you. They are just going to think you are old! Sorry guys, it sucks, but now you know 😉

Now you know the five, so start! Start with “Good Morning,” it’s more common and it will get you into the habit. When you’re okay with that, then use “Good Night.” Once you master those, then you can move to “Good Afternoon.” “Good Afternoon” is a definite attention grabber if done right. Also, don’t forget about “Hi, how are you?” If done right with sincerity, you can achieve a conversation leading to something more. Good Luck!


Rita Jane


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