Don’t Judge Me

We have all heard of the term “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but we do judge, assume, figure, or just think we know by looking at someone who they are, what they like. Is this fair? Of course not! Do we do it? Of course we do!  Has it happened to me? Yes! That’s why I’m writing this blog. A really nice guy that I was attracted to frequented the same coffee shop I did. We talked multiple times but he never asked me out. After a while, I just figured he just didn’t like me that way. Then about a week after Mother’s Day I saw him he asked me how my Mother’s day was (knowing that I’m a Mom) I said it was great. He then started telling me how he took his Mom horse manure for her garden. I asked “horse manure?” He replied, “I have horses.” I then started telling him how I grow up with horses and how much I miss them. As I was talking I could see his face light up! The first thing out of his mouth was “I thought you were a city girl!” JUDGED!

I do love the city but there is nothing like riding horseback especially with a guy. So the next time you are engaging with someone maybe ask some more questions. Get to know them before you assume or judge them before you dismiss them. They could be just the person you are looking for.

As for me and the cowboy? Let’s just say I’m still the Lone Ranger!


Rita Jane

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