Do You Believe In Soulmates?

I absolutely, 100%, hands-down, totally believe in soulmates. Meeting your soulmate is like finding a piece of you that you didn’t know was missing. Even before speaking to them you feel this heavy force that fills every crevice between their piece of earth and yours, pulling you towards each other like a magnet. You can’t ignore it. Suddenly, you’re hyper-aware of their presence. Fighting it is no use; It’s an irrefutable force that relentlessly begs for your attention.

From the first words you speak there is ease and comfort. It feels like you’re talking to someone you already know but you don’t know them at all. Those first words transform that heavy pulling force between you into a vapor of energy that rises above you then settles back down gently; But instead of returning to the space between you, the energy surrounds you; Wraps around you; Cradles you; Holds you in that moment; Igniting a spark in your souls simultaneously. It’s no longer a strong pull but a gentle push; Nudging you towards one other.

The relationship flows. It feels like it’s always been there and you just happened to stumble upon it one day.

Any idea you had about love gets obliterated when you realize you’ve met your soulmate. You question if what you thought was “love” before was actually “love” at all.

Soulmate love doesn’t feel like a high.  When you’re with them you feel a sense of peace and calm. Your soul feels like it’s resting with theirs. You feel like your holding the world in your arms when you’re holding them.

You’ve never felt like you’ve had to impress your soulmate. Who you are has always been enough for them.  You don’t feel judged by them. You tell them the stuff that usually stays tucked away from the world. You achieve a level of emotional intimacy that you haven’t had with anyone. You show them every side of you and even your worst isn’t too much for them. They accept you and love you despite your negative character traits.

A soulmate feels like your safe place. You let them “in”. You drop your walls. You drop your guards. You trust when you haven’t been able to trust before. Even if you’ve been able to let go of every single person in your life; That trick doesn’t work with your soulmate.

Soulmates just “get” each other. They understand each other. You don’t know ABOUT them; You know THEM. You see their authentic soul so clear and easy and you don’t understand how other people don’t. You’ll often think how you got to be the lucky one that gets to love them; And it feels like a privilege to be loved BY them.

Soulmates are human so they can hurt each other. Although you feel accepted as-is by your soulmate you want to be a better version of “you”. When a character trait you have hurts them you want to change it because hurting them makes you hurt. When they hurt you, you understand that it wasn’t their authentic soul hurting you; It was their old self-protection mechanisms. You see, soulmates haven’t experienced deep love, understanding, patience, and caring until they find each other so it takes time and practice to let go of their old ways. Soulmates have to learn what it’s like to be truly loved and cared for. Time is needed to provide those lessons. Forgiveness is forged from this understanding.

Soulmates don’t get defensive when something hurtful they did is brought to their attention. They have empathy. They accept responsibility. They apologize.

Soulmates do things and act in ways that are natural between them but forced with other people.

You want to make your soulmate happy. You want to take care of them in life. Making them smile makes your heart smile.

Soulmate love is a calm comfort and peaceful understanding. It’s genuine. It’s real. It’s authentic. It’s rare. It might be once-in-a-lifetime.

“This writing is from, Amy is a single Mom with two little kids and has an amazing business. She is an Offline Connection Member and if you follow me you have seen her in my photos.”  

“She believes in Soulmates, do you?” ~ Rita

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