Cuffing Season

Here we go again!

I can hear the boxing bell ring loud and the announcer yells “Let’s Get Ready to Rumbblleee!” With no beginning date or ending date, the cold weather tells us it’s time.

Let’s start with the proper definition of Cuffing Season. Wikipedia (yes, it made it to Wikipedia) says that:

Cuffing season is typically defined as the time of year when single people actively search for a short-term romantic partners to spend the colder months together. The term “cuff” is slang that alludes to handcuffs and metaphorically to attach oneself to another individual.

You may do this and didn’t know there was a word for it or maybe it has been done to you.

Either way, let’s dive in!

Have you met a guy/girl in the beginning of the summer or mid-summer and traded phone numbers, but never heard from him/her? Then all of a sudden in November they are texting you to go out? That’s Cuffing.

If you get a random text from the guy/girl that ditched you in March or April, don’t reply. That’s Cuffing.

If you meet someone you are interested in, ask them about their previous relationships. See if you notice a winter pattern, they might be a professional Cuffer! (That might not be a word yet!)

I’m not saying to date someone new during the winter months, I’m saying just be careful.

The colder weather comes with the holidays, and this is the hardest time of the year for all of us. We see family gather and it seems like love is everywhere. I hate not having anyone to kiss when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, don’t you?

This makes us vulnerable in so many ways. Christmas Hallmark movies don’t help! There are 42 you can choose from this year! It’s like they want us to give up, sit on our couches, and consume handfuls of Christmas cookies. It does sound relaxing and tempting, but we both know we would end up feeling even more alone.

As we put our hearts on the line we need to recognize who’s cuffing, and who’s not. Be aware that it is Cuffing Season.

Carry on my single friends and keep trying to find your special someone.


Rita Jane

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