Can You Trust Through A Mask?

There are 42 individual muscles in your face, but the 10 we need the most are under the mask. As we go about our day, no one is smiling anymore. Co-workers, cashiers, and even the person holding the door for you. If they did smile, you wouldn’t know it. Did you smile at them through your mask?

Let’s talk about this scenario with us single people. You are walking down the aisle at a store and walking toward you is someone that you find interesting. First check: no ring on the left hand. Second check: no Offline pin. You have no idea if this person is single or not but you keep watching to see if they notice you.

This actually happened to me the other day. I was looking for a cast iron pan for my sister-in-law’s birthday. A man was looking at all the pans too. I did my two checks and of course, I have no idea if he’s single. But he’s holding a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and checking pans like he knew what he was looking for.

I found that to be very attractive! Men that know how to cook don’t come along every day.

He did look up at me but we both had masks on, I smiled under mine but I have no idea if he did. I have to say hello, well someone has too!

This store happens to have some other pans on display about 15 feet away from where we were. He walked away from me to go to the display, I didn’t find the cast iron pan I was looking for so I followed. I felt awkward that I followed him, and felt like he’s going to think I’m a stalker.

I said, “I’m not following you, I’m just looking for a cast iron pan!” He looked at me and I held my breath thinking I’m an idiot! He replied, “You can follow me anywhere!” Phew! I began to tell him it’s my sister-in-law’s birthday and what I was looking for. He said he hasn’t seen any either, but he found olive oil on sale. It was almost like he knew I was impressed that he knew what to do with olive oil.

The conversation went from cooking to Covid-19 and how it’s affected his work. Twenty minutes later being very excited about meeting someone I would like to sit down and have a cup of coffee with. I ask my faithful question: “Are you single?”

I am so sick of wasting my time on someone that’s going to say “Well… I’m married but I’m not happy.” Then leave! Till then leave us single people alone and wear your damn ring.  I understand that sometimes marriages don’t work, trust me I know!! But I never lead on someone just because I wasn’t happy while I was married.

So, can you trust through a mask?

I did trust my gut without getting confirmation from him with an engaging smile. While we were talking I could see in his eyes he was enjoying our conversation. People say the eyes are the passage to the soul. Well, I’m not sure fluorescent lighting and first encounters apply in this case.

We can add smiles to the list of things Covid-19 has taken away from us. It seems like a simple thing but we do in fact need it on a daily basis. If not for a green light but for the endorphins it releases in our body when we see someone smile at us.

Maybe this is why Katy Perry has released her new song “Smile”. If you can get past all the clown stuff in her video, you can see her message of trail and error. “Everyday groundhog day” is my favorite line! She’s also selling smile apparel. (No, I’m not getting a commission on this!) I just find it interesting that this came out when we can’t see anyone’s smile anymore.

Till the day that every SINGLE person is wearing the Offline Connections symbol, we need to trust our gut.  Don’t miss an opportunity that could change your life.


Rita Jane



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