Are You Doing Your Part?

I understand you’re single, but I’m sure you know someone that is too. Everyone has become so busy in their own lives that they sometimes forget about friends that are single. Generations ago single people never had to go to far from their homes. They dated people down the street, someone from school or someone they worked with. Ask anyone in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s they will tell you how they met their love. Nowadays we don’t do that. Hell, we don’t even know our neighbors anymore. Let alone help a single friend.

Perfect example, I’m at my Aunt and Uncle’s house and my Uncle’s daughter shows up with her husband. At some point the conversation goes into them talking about the daughter’s brother in-law. (no relation to our family/my Uncle’s first marriage) He moved back from LA a year ago and is single. I raise my arms in the air with a confused look on my face and they turn to me and say what? “He’s been here for a year and you never thought to introduce me to him??” All four of them say…oh yeah! We should! Why is it we never think about our single family members or friends?

So, my challenge to you is to play matchmaker and maybe your friends will play matchmaker for you. Meanwhile wear your Offline Connections Logo and keep talking to people because you never know, the next one might be the one!

As for me and the LA guy…I ditched him after third date which is one date longer then the longest! That’s an improvement, right?

Faithfully, Rita Jane

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