8 Dating Tips to make Men go Crazy!

#1. Flip Your Hair – No I don’t mean Aero Smith style with an air guitar. I mean gently using your fingers and flipping a big chunk of hair to one side. Also, just flipping or sweeping your hair off your shoulders. Twirling your hair with your fingers is another hair move – it shows playfulness.

#2. Sweat – I know, I know, none of us want to sweat in front of a man but it is summer. But, think of this next time and you may want to. Sweating makes you glow in a man’s eyes. Pheromones are released and natural instincts are sometimes irresistible for a man to control. Which means he will be asking for the next date before that one is even over.

#3. Glasses – Walmart: five bucks! I don’t care if you don’t need them. I will never understand it, but men love it! You obviously have to be in the right setting, but if they are just on your head or with your hair pulled back, it’s perfect. When a man does start talking to you or just looking in your direction, place one of the ends gently in your mouth. Trust me, he won’t walk away.

#4. Tiptoes – When we stand on our tiptoes, with or without high heels, our calf and thigh muscles immediately grab attention because it accentuates so well. It’s another playful, fun movement.

#5. Messy Bun – This is one I have never been able to master. So many women do it very well. Again, this is a fun playful thing that men are attracted to, but I do have to warn you: too often and he’ll think that you’re just lazy and don’t want to put in the effort! Be careful with this one.

#6. Smell – This is a tough one. I did some investigating on this one. All men said they liked women that wore some type of perfume or scented lotion, but the answers to what kind and how strong of a smell was all over the board. So here’s my take and what has always worked for me: I don’t think you should be able to smell what I have on until I allow you to get close enough. It also makes that special move in, talk into my ear just a little more special for him. Trust me, he’s going to want to move in over and over again just to get another wiff. It’s also giving him an opportunity to compliment you on how you smell.

#7. Touch– When you don’t know him it’s that simple touch on the forearm or shoulder. When you know him a little bit more it’s reaching up and fixing his hair. When you do it use your fingernails and make sure he feels it! Second date at a restaurant or movie, just use your fingernails on the hairs of his forearm. Trust me, some men would let you sit there all day and do it. Completely puts them in a relaxation mode.

#8. First Move – Yes, I’m saying it! Make the first move. One of the sexiest actions a woman can do is taking the initiative. The Offline Connections Logo singles are wearing is helping people meet, but for the singles, it still hasn’t reached, us women need to step up. Men today are more afraid to make a move. I had one man tell me he had a drink thrown in his face once. Another man said he’s just afraid he’ll get pepper sprayed. Countless others have been bashed so much that they just are afraid to say anything anymore! I’m not saying you have to walk up to a guy and say “how you doin’ ?” in that Joey voice from our favorite sitcom Friends. I’m saying give the guys the Green Light! Eye contact for more than two seconds, soft smile, simple “Hi”, or damsel in distress always works too. At the supermarket and you can’t reach the top shelf? At Home Depot and your not sure if you should get this tool for your brother’s birthday? Need directions to somewhere? You get it. Look around, don’t be afraid and take charge!


Rita Jane

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