7 Things Men Immediately Notice on a Date


  1. Smile.  Bright, warm, and a genuine smile on your face when you meet. Always get a good night sleep the night before. We all know that if we are tired it shows on our face. Secondly RELAX! This isn’t a job interview. Pretend you are meeting an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time.
  2. Punctuality. Know ahead where you are going and how long it will take to get there. Be early! We all have a smart phone now, google the directions the night before and always leave 15 minutes earlier. Honesty, I leave a half hour early and take a longer trip to get there. Driving and listening to my music always relaxes me.
  3. Eyes. A lot of words that go unspoken are communicated through eyes. We all have had that awkward pause, you there look around all nervous waiting for who’s going to speak next. I like the pause…use it to your advantage. You both look around, then look down at your hand or his on the table, your head is slightly tilted down, then when you can feel he is looking at you, look up with a little smile but don’t lift your head. Your eyes full and looking into his perfectly. No words needed!
  4. Manners and Attitude. Men will take notice of how you treat others. Always be kind to others but be yourself. Never be someone you’re not. If you don’t like the door held open or the chair pulled out when you sit, then tell him now because maybe that’s what he’s looking for. Or maybe he will say good, I wasn’t sure how long I could keep this up.
  5. Conversation Skills. Be smart, confident, and easy going. This again is about relaxing and not being afraid to show who you are. You need someone to fall in love with the real you.
  6. Arrogance. Don’t talk about yourself too much. Show interest in learning about him. Again, this is not an interview. You already know that he fills the top of your list for a potential boyfriend or you wouldn’t have gone out with his in the first place. Always leave with more stories to tell and they will always want more.
  7. Clothes This always shows how important the date was to you. Do not show up in yoga pants! If I know what restaurant we are going to I will look it up and check dress code. If it’s a place that could go casual or dressy, I always ask what they are wearing. I’ll wear jeans if he is! I always a dressier top with little bit of neck showing or shoulders. Men’s weakness is neck, shoulders and exposed waists. Yes, they are animals!

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