“Rita told me about her idea and sent me the pin with her website copy and I thought this was another great creative way for singles to meet someone. Although I do recommend dating sites to my clients, I think it is important to try many avenues to meet people and some may prefer to do it organically.” – Dr. Paulette Sherman, author of ‘Dating from the Inside Out’ and ‘The Book of Sacred Baths

“Hey Rita, I wanted to let you know I retired my pin. She saw my pin when I was out at Buffalo Riverworks, and we’ve been together ever since. I think she’s the one! We’ve been together for six months now, and I’ve never been so happy. Thank you!” – Brian and Sara

“I work with the public in Kenmore and wanted to see if anyone would recognize my pin if I wore it to work. I know my work wouldn’t want me talking to someone about personal stuff, but I was so curious. To my surprise, it was recognized. A couple saw it and just asked what it meant. It opened the dialogue to talk about being single in a natural way. It’s a great day at work when you go home with three phone numbers. Thank you” – Drew

“This is such an amazing idea I’m new to the Buffalo area, this helps so much. I hate online dating. Thank you!” –  Margaret

“Love is in the air! I just got my beautiful bracelet from Offline Connections, I’ve been so excited to get out there and meet new people face to face and this bracelet is for sure going to be the conversation starter and step one to meeting the perfect one for me! Thank you, Offline Connections!” – Lesley May

“You truly get out what you put in. No bull shit! Obviously its natural to be skeptical about anything you buy on the internet. I’ve bought car parts before and they have ended up not being the quality they said they were. By God’s grace, I stumbled on Offline Connections website. When I read the details and watched the video, I really felt they knew what they were talking about, knew my pain and knew a way to fix it. I took a leap of faith and decided to purchase. I can say that I regret only a few things in my life and buying my pin was definitely NOT something I regret. My life changed, plain and simple! I met the love of my life, she saw my single’s pin and approached me. Best day of my life. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for US! Thank you!” – Micheal L.