Are You Doing Your Part?

I understand you’re single, but I’m sure you know someone that is too. Everyone has become so busy in their own lives that they sometimes forget about friends that are single. Generations ago single people never had to go to far from their homes. They dated people down the street, someone from school or someone they worked with. Ask anyone […]

8 Dating Tips to make Men go Crazy!

#1. Flip Your Hair – No I don’t mean Aero Smith style with an air guitar. I mean gently using your fingers and flipping a big chunk of hair to one side. Also, just flipping or sweeping your hair off your shoulders. Twirling your hair with your fingers is another hair move – it shows playfulness. #2. Sweat – I know, […]

Don’t Judge Me

We have all heard of the term “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but we do judge, assume, figure, or just think we know by looking at someone who they are, what they like. Is this fair? Of course not! Do we do it? Of course we do!  Has it happened to me? Yes! […]

7 Things Men Immediately Notice on a Date

  Smile.  Bright, warm, and a genuine smile on your face when you meet. Always get a good night sleep the night before. We all know that if we are tired it shows on our face. Secondly RELAX! This isn’t a job interview. Pretend you are meeting an old friend you haven’t seen in a […]